Academic Awards Evening 2017

Congratulations to all the students who received an award on Thursday night.  Carolyn Barton from the Hassocks Twinning Association gave an interesting speech outlining the significance of learning languages in the post Brexit environment and then presented the awards to all the students.  Achievement Leaders from all year groups were on hand to offer their congratulations as well.  Students were recognised for their hard work, determination, kindness and resilience.  Special awards went to Megan Garmston-Newman – The Hays Travel Award for Geography and to Ben Pointer – the Margaret Rose Award for Languages.  They have all worked diligently throughout the year and deserve a well earned rest over the summer – well done to everyone!

The winning students in Year 7 were:

Emily Harris  Josh West  Jemima Goldsmith  Alex Savuk  Lola Coleman  Ben Wright  Alice Sawyer  Phoenix Payne  Olivia Smith  Sebastian Fotheringham  Ellenis Wilson  Joseph Woodhouse  Sophie Armstrong  Ryan Martin  Emily Cragg  Damon Conway Lucy Balcombe  Harvey Baker  Leo Watts  Ben Driver  Hollie Kaye  Bea Bambury Brenner  Patrick Stone  Oliver Barton  Eleanor Cole  Amalia Hewer  Alexander Wintle  Sasha Twigge-Molecey  Muhammad Wilson  Lucy Stenning  Joseph Thompson

The winning students in Year 8 were:

Ruby Elms  Michael Lea  Jessica Sargeant  Daniel Wilton  Rosey Lacey  Alex Danks  Leah Morris  Jamie Slade  Annie Davey  Logan Oughton Daisy Lyons  Leon Alfrey  Ruby King  Kyle Barbour  Meg Millar  Amelia Brooks  Amelia McBain  Sylvie Goodwin  Cat Kendall  Alexa Rose  Daisy Bushnell  Tristan Simon  Charlie McGhee  Bebelle Lord Soares  Isobel Cooper  Sam Burchett  Ted Ward  Daisy Hearle  Ella Chapman  Frankie Angel

The winning students in Year 9 were:

Josie Griffiths  Alfie Keenan  Grace Spooner  Jesse Kibble  Ella Tourle  Cissie Yates  Georgina Haddon  Charlie Jones  Josh Dummer  Rebecca James  Louis Anderson  Isobel Enright  Jonny McGlennon  Amelia Godfrey-Brookes  Finley Keene   Cade Lippett  Emily Wright  Archie Henderson  Jesse Kibble  Poppy Growney  Michael Rose  Oliver Appaya  Rebecca Stevens  Jamie Telfer  Esther Powell  Kate Barkley  Nicole Wood   Paloma Radley Smith  Oliver Munt  Nell Garnett  Adam Lindo  Greig McKechnie-Smith   Erin Brewer  Joshua Hickingbotham  Rebecca James Lana Mae Garrett

 The winning students in Year 10 were:

Ella Forbes  Noah Powell  Lydia Hollingdale  Alfie Goatcher  Lily Dumbrill  Nick Kitchen  Josephine Leggett  Ben Pointer  Rona Surtie  William Horn  Ellie Naicker  Charlie Hester  Hannah Robinson  Louis Morris   Letty Raby  Madeline Camp  Amelia Wilkinson  Rebekah McBain  Joe Houldcroft  Aaron Goff  Emily Philpot  Naomi Njie  Toby Burch  Josephine Leggett  Holly Meredith  Charlie Hester  Toby Burch  Kai Makey  Sam Williams  Sam Howarth-Moore  Sophie Payne  Rona Surtie  Jake Turner    James Woodward  Daisy Drake Lee  Sam Evans  Frederick Coleman