The National Students’ Art Exhibition 2017


Under patronage of the Royal British Artists.

Since 2014 the Art Department has been submitting pupil’s work to the RBA National Students’ Art Exhibition. We have been successful each year and have had pupils work exhibited in the Pall Mall Galleries alongside the work of the Royal British Artists.. The work is of an exceptionally high standard. Over 4,000 pieces of work are submitted annually with only 400 been chosen for exhibition.

This year we were very pleased to have four pieces of work selected. Congratulations go to:

Jonah Brenner Y11 ‘Walking’

Hana Smith Y11 ‘Details’

Letty Raby Y10 ‘Brighton Beach’

Poppy Haward Y11 ‘Wrap’

Brighton Beach by Letty Raby Details by Hana Smith Walking by Jonah Brenner Wrap by Poppy Haward