Danger! Ice Ahead! Year 8 hit the Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink

It was not especially pretty, it certainly was chaotic but above all it was definitely fun!  140 students from Year 8 were in action on the ice this evening.  It was a cold, crisp November evening; the illuminated Pavilion was very beautiful casting pink and purple light across the ice as the Downlands students put on their blades and glided around the ice.  Not everybody glided – they tottered, they stumbled, they even fell but they were all smiling and laughing together.   One student shouted as she stumbled by “This is so hard but I am having so much fun!”.  Only Achievement Leader for Year 8, Mr Stokes was brave enough to skate the whole session – Mr Cole of 8PC was also briefly seen on the ice.  In freezing temperatures, Ms Reid of 8AR bravely cheered her tutor group from the side as they whizzed past.  Other less tough tutors were seen hugging hot chocolates in the cafe!