Downlands Celebrates the 2017 GCSE Results

Nobody said it would be easy – they just said it would be worth it; last night the 2012-2017 cohort returned to pick up their well earned GCSE certificates.  Without exception the students had worked really hard and the fruits of their labour were some amazing results.  Mark Wignall, Headteacher, paid tribute to not only the Downlands staff but also the students’ parents who had provided fantastic support at home.  We were delighted to welcome Mr Stephen Moore, Director of Base Engine Engineering at Ricardo, Shoreham who urged students to consider a career in engineering but emphasised the importance of choosing to work in a field that you love.    Special awards were given to Cameron Yell (Alexandra Knight Award for Modern Foreign Languages) and Gaia Brunnarius (Mary Jenkins Award).  

It was a lovely opportunity for the students to catch up with their friends as well as chatting to staff.  

Cameron Yell winning the Alexandra Knight Award Gaia Brunnarius winning the Mark Jenkins Award Mr Stephen Moore Ricardo DSC_6787