Never Mind the World Cup – Joy at Downlands for the Year 10 Football Team!

Downlands were victorious over Blatchington Mill on Wednesday evening to win the BHDS Cup 4-0!  

Shay Leahy put Downlands ahead in the first half with a stunning header that went into the back of the net.   After half time both teams came back onto the pitch determined to be the winners but the Downlands goalkeeper (James Foster) and the rock solid Downlands defence kept the Blatchington Mill side at bay.  Despite a tough battle by a very solid Blatchington Mill side, the Downlands boys were relentless.  The boys in midfield and up front did not stop working and their persistence finally paid off with a superb goal by Oli Munt, followed by a tap in by Ed Turns and great goal looping over the Blatchington Mill’s goalkeeper’s head by Sam Wright.  James Demetriades could have made it a fifth but unfortunately play was stopped for a free kick just outside the penalty box, just as he put the goal in the back of the net! 
It was a very physical match; Mr Lusk, Team Manager, said afterwards how proud he was of the conduct of the Downlands boys on the pitch.  He said “The team spirit in this group is impressive and a joy to coach – we can now look forward to next season having finished this season on a positive note.”   Headteacher, Mark Wignall described the team as “the best ever Downlands team” .  This team won the County Cup, the BHDS Cup and the league in the Year 8 season.  
The Downlands squad for the match were Shay Leahy (captain), Ed Turns, Oli Munt, Oliver Appaya, Sam Wright, Charlie Jones, Josh Hickingbotham, Ollie Charlesworth, Luke Goff, Dexter Webb, James Foster, Tom Roberts, Angus Hill, Adam Lindo and Cam West.
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