Downlands Lends a Hand in Tanzania

“Dear Downlands Community School
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the kind donations and support you have given to Sports Charity Mwanza. 
In Mwanza, Tanzania there is a youth unemployment rate of around 90% with very limited opportunity to educate and provide an alternate focus to the youth. At Sports Charity Mwanza we us sport as a tool to provide social aid development and the transferable skills that can be obtained from team sport to help develop and create more opportunity for these young people as well as provide them with some stability to their daily lives. 
Together with the City Council and the regional sports federations we build sports grounds, initiate the founding of sports clubs and provide them with essential training equipment. Furthermore, we train coaches holistically and hold workshops to teach kids, adolescents and young adults important life skills.
On Saturday 10th March we officially opened our first of many sports grounds along with clubs in football, netball, basketball and volleyball. Without generous equipment donations from you and other donors these clubs wouldn’t be able to function and in turn provide focus and stability to the young people of Mwanza. 
On behalf of our clubs in Mwanza we want to say “Asante sana Downlands Community School. Karibu Mwanza”. 
For more details of our charity please visit our website
Asante sana! Siku njema.
Sports Charity Mwanza “