Daisy’s Crazy Trainer Day

The students at Downlands are very proud of their school uniform – from their black leather shoes to the bright red jumpers, they are instantly recognisable as Downlands students. But it was all change on Friday as we celebrated the birthday of Daisy Bushnell.

Daisy brought a smile to all our faces and one of her great loves was wearing crazy trainers – the brighter and more colourful the better. She was such a beautiful person – a real bright spark. Sadly Daisy lost her battle with cancer last year but her spirit is very much with us.

So, on Friday, to celebrate what would have been her 15th birthday, students and staff alike donned their crazy trainers. They came in all shapes and colours – from just trendy to really wacky! In exchange for a £1 donation and for one day only, students and staff were allowed to wear their trainers to school.  

It was not always a very elegant picture – some female staff in lovely dresses with their running shoes – but we raised a whopping £1060 which we are donating to the Chestnut Tree House Hospice.