Downlands Marks the End of World War I

On Friday afternoon all students in Year 7 helped create a visual tribute to the end of World War I. Our beautiful red jumpers made a perfect poppy on our school field with the Year 7 prefects in their smart navy blue as the centre.  It took some organisation and it was a bit of a squash but we wanted to pay our respects.  

Year 7 students also made some wonderful birthday cards for Dilys Armistice Fox who celebrated her 100th birthday today.  Mrs Fox is a local resident and we were able to delivery our birthday cards on Friday including a beautiful watercolour of a poppy by Year 10 student Leah Morris.

Year 10 History students took part in today’s Remembrance Day celebrations in Hassocks laying two wreaths – one to the civilians that lost their lives and one to the animals that died.