29 January – Snow Forecast – Yellow Warning

January 2019

Dear Parent/Carer

The Met Office have issued a yellow warning for snow and ice overnight on Tuesday.

If overnight snowfalls are so heavy as to seriously disrupt traffic or cause journeys to be dangerous, or we have an unexpected problem with the school’s heating or water supply, it may be necessary to close the school.

Where possible we will always aim to keep the school open, however the decision to close can be complicated as we have to take into account a number of variables including;
• conditions of roads and pavements
• public transport
• the number of staff who are able to get into school
• the safety of the school site.
If a decision is made to close the school, we will aim to inform parents by 7.15am in the following ways:
• A message will be placed on the school website
• We will email parent/carers
• We will inform local radio stations and a list of closed schools will be posted on the Heart FM website.
• A list of closed schools will be placed on the WSCC website.
Please do not telephone the school in the morning as this may disrupt our efforts to communicate with parents/agencies.

Developing Bad Weather during the day
At present, this is not forecasted but normally when bad weather occurs during the day, it is our policy to keep students in school until 3.05 pm. However, if the weather deteriorates during the morning it may be advisable to let as many students as possible leave early. In this eventuality, we will:
• Text and email parents/carers
• Put a message on the website
NB: Please could you make sure we have up to date telephone/email contacts.
It would also be useful for you to discuss arrangements with your child so they are quite clear what to do in these circumstances. For example:
• Should they walk home
• How will they gain access to home on arrival at home
• If you are not home, where you will allow them to go on leaving school
• Whether you will collect them from school.
We would arrange for buses to transport students on the 33/590/591 routes in these exceptional circumstances. We would supervise students who are not able to make their way home or arrange to get them home.

Yours faithfully

M Wignall