Flexiday 2019

It only happens once a year and for one day only the students come off regular timetable and get involved in a whole host of activities.

Year 11 have been concentrating on revising for their English Literature exams and have had a day of looking back at ‘An Inspector Calls’, while Year 10 have been creating adverts for products as part of their Business Enterprise Day. Meanwhile Year 9 have been busy interviewing a variety of interesting people trying to work out what job they do and then looking at GCSE choices. Year 8 have been super active and will probably be very tired this evening having had a whole day of PE! Year 7 had the most fun of all – learning that with practice you can do anything from speaking Italian to embroidery to juggling to singing!

Thank you for all the people who gave up their time to take part in our Careers Speeding Date with Year 9 – we couldn’t do it without you!