Sit a While and Enjoy our Well Being Garden

There is nothing more relaxing that a moment in a beautiful garden.  Our Well Being Garden – thanks to the hard work of Dr Karen van den Dolder and her team of budding gardeners – is a delight. The plants are stunning and the layout is worthy of a garden at the Chelsea or Hampton Court flower shows.  

Two years ago Mrs van den Dolder and the students sat down and created a design for a Well Being Garden; a space that would be a sanctuary of peace and reflection.  Yesterday we were delighted to welcome award-winning designer and TV presenter, Juliet Sargeant to officially open our garden. 

Juliet delivered a lovely speech in which she asked us all to look at the ground below our feet and think about who had walked there before us, who had worked the land, what had happened to that land over time.  She spoke about the benefits of working the land and the importance of being engaged with the environment.  She then chatted to the students and was shown all areas of the garden.  

Thank you to everyone who helped create the space – the students, their family and friends, local companies who donated time and expertise as well as materials, Mr Matthews, and of course Tesco’s Bags of Help scheme who made it all possible.