Who needs James Dyson when you have Maddy and Holly? The Primary & Secondary Engineer Leaders Award – 2018-2019

Congratulations to Year 7 students Madeleine Bayly and Holly Barbour who have both won the Tomorrow’s Engineers 2018-2019 competition.  Maddy and Holly went down to Southampton University last week to pick up a trophy and certificate each.  This is such a huge achievement and we are very proud of the girls.

The competition is open to all school pupils from age 3 to 19, allowing all children young and old to take part in the fascinating world of engineering. Last year over 37,000 children were engaged in the competition across the UK.

It was quite a process that led to them winning individual awards – from interviewing an engineer, identifying a problem, inventing a solution and then illustrating it and the writing a letter describing the invention and how it solves the issue they have identified. 

Holly invented “The Handy Car Key” which is a car key with two LED lights that flash to notify you if you have left your car unlocked or your car alarm is activated.  It would also be linked to a phone app.  Very handy!

Madeleine invented “The Keep it Cool Case” which is a phone case that vibrates if your phone over heats and automatically triggers a cooling pack, keeping everything online and ready to use!  

Well done girls!