Ce n’est pas de la tarte but it was definitely worth it – European Week of Languages

What a fantastic week we had last week with a celebration of all things to do with languages! 

We kicked off with the European Bake Off – and we had some very impressive entries which made Deputy Headteacher, Matt Ashdown’s job as Paul Hollywood all the harder!  In the end, he resorted to consulting the Year 10 Language Leaders and the winners were : Bea Bambury Brenner, Tilly Raynor, Laura Cooper, Honey Moore & Jake Gerthold and Lyddia Babister! Prizes were an Amazon voucher, a certificate and a specially engraved wooden spoon!  It might not have been easy but it was definitely worth it!

On Tuesday we sold the cakes to raise money for charity – thank you to everyone for your generosity.

There was a Kahoot! quiz – the students had to work out the hidden talents of the Downlands staff which kept everyone puzzled in tutor time.

There was even a photo booth – the photos are very funny.  Thank you to all Modern Languages staff who put on such a great celebration of everyone!