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All students at Downlands belong to one of four Houses, all named after areas of natural beauty in Sussex:

Beacon Head of Beacon: Mr M Ashdown
South Downs Head of South Downs: Mr J Chandler
Weald Head of Weald: Mr S Adams
Wolstonbury Head of Wolstonbury: Mr R Davies

Each House comprises students from all year groups. Students at Downlands are awarded Achievement Points for outstanding work and there are fierce rivalries between the Houses for the most points.

Once every term each House has a morning assembly with the Head of House. There are inter-House competitions throughout the year including Maths challenges and Sports Day.


The year has started well for  Weald – as it currently stands (Feburary 2017) Weald are top for Achievement Points, Conduct Points and Punctuality!  Well done all the students in Weald.

Beacon are top for Attendance – brilliant!

Wolstonbury are second for Achievements Points – excellent!

Conduct Achievement Points Behaviour Points Total Conduct Points Ranking
BEACON 15762 1458 14304 4
SOUTHDOWNS 17109 1283 15826 3
WEALD 19939 1550 18389 1
WOLSTONBURY 17963 1432 16531 2


2015-2016 Summary

Sports Day Cup Winners 2015-2016: Southdowns!  Congratulations!

After a slow start Wolstonbury won the Conduct Points Table with a stunning 29608 points!  Well done to all the students in Wolstonbury house for their continued hard work and good behaviour around school.

Weald house was top of the attendance tables – fantastic – but Beacon – there is definitely room for improvement!














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