Design & Technology

Head of Teaching & Learning: Mrs D Moller

Ms A Reid & Mrs F Skelton – Joint 2i/c Technology and Heads of Food Technology & Child Development

Mr D Walker – Head of Resistant Materials
Mr J Matthews 
Ms C Hambly-Walker
Mrs E Matthews

Support Staff
Mrs A Cooper – Technology & Art
Mrs N Grala – Food Technology

Design and Technology is an exciting subject where you can design and make products in different materials. It is a practical subject with an element of drawing and written work. Pupils develop their capability through combining their designing and making skills with the knowledge and understanding gained within lessons and from the wider society to design and make a wide range of products.  Design and Technology should stimulate originality, encourage enterprise and emphasize quality.

The inclusion of Design and Technology as a compulsory National Curriculum subject at KS3 is recognition of the importance for pupils to develop a flexible approach to the problems and opportunities they will face in a rapidly changing society.

Design and Technology creates a broad area of study which cannot be delivered by any one subject.  At Key Stage 3 students will be taught by a range of enthusiastic teachers who are all experts in their own field. Students rotate between Resistant Materials, Food Technology, Graphics and Textiles and will complete stimulating projects in each area.

An important aspect of the lower school courses is to expose students to a wide range of materials and to develop technological capability via skills-based units and specified design problem solving activity. This will be done through lessons where students are taught in mixed ability groups.

In the upper school, (Years 10 and 11), pupils undertake a course of study encompassing a single technology discipline, our wide range of courses available are:GCSE

Design and Technology: Product Design                     AQA
AQA GCSE Design and Technology Product Design

Design and Technology : Resistant Materials                AQA
AQA GCSE Design and Technology Resistant Materials

Home Economics : Child Development                           OCR
OCR Child Development

Food Preparation & Nutrition                                          Eduqas
Eduqas GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition

GCSE Art Textiles

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