Cross Country Race at Waterhall

Wednesday 16th January 2019

11:45 - 15:00

Wednesday 16th January 

Students need to come to PE department at 11.30am to leave at 11.45. They will be back by the end of the school day. The first race (year 8/9 girls) starts at 12.15. Parent/carer welcome to attend.

Following students: 

Finley Jones 8GCH

Will Newington 8KL

Rowan Goff 8PK

William Bradley 8GCH

Paige Gwynn 8TM

Tora McMahon 8PK

Charlotte Foat 8KL

Millie Gwynn 8TM

JJ Durand 9MSM

Owen Larder 9PC

Ross Murray 9MSM

Joe Woodhouse 9NHO

Anna Currie 9MSM

Martha Rayner 9MR

Freya Hancock 9AW

Daisy Miller 9PC

Harvey Grant 10AE

Harry Campbell 10JMS

Edie Seth 10CMO

Ella Chapman 10DM

Tom Roberts 11DW

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