Federation of Mid Sussex Schools

Downlands – Imberhorne – Oathall – Sackville The Headteachers and Governing bodies of our four schools are committed to forging a supportive relationship that focuses on improving outcomes as well as securing the very best pastoral care and opportunities for outstanding personal development for all our students. Teachers working together in order to learn from… Read more »

Daisy’s Crazy Trainer Day

The students at Downlands are very proud of their school uniform – from their black leather shoes to the bright red jumpers, they are instantly recognisable as Downlands students. But it was all change on Friday as we celebrated the birthday of Daisy Bushnell. Daisy brought a smile to all our faces and one of… Read more »

Downlands Footballers in Eindhoven

It was just a very short trip to Holland – Friday to Wednesday – but goodness, they packed in a lot of action!  The Downlands footballers together with most of the Downlands PE department, ably supported by Mr Urwin, Mr Ashdown and Mr Odlin travelled to Eindhoven for football packed days.  They trained at the… Read more »

Update – School Funding Campaign

Firstly, thank you for the huge support that you gave to Headteachers who campaigned for improved school funding at Westminster on Friday 28 September. Over 2000 head teachers attended in London with many more supporting their actions too. It is clear from the emails we received, that parents overwhelmingly support the need for much improved… Read more »

Downlands Travel to Ypres

It was a very early start – the students set off from Downlands at 5.45pm and an extremely long day but what a day!  With the aid of expert tour guides from Anglia Tours, Year 10 GCSE History students were transported to the World War I front line in Ypres (now called Ieper) in Flanders.  They… Read more »

Election of Parent Governor

You will, today, have received a ballot paper for the Parent Governor election.  Please find below details of the election and the election statements.  Should you not have received your ballot paper by email today, please contact Mrs Emma Bates on ebates@downlands.org. Parent Governor Election October 18 Election statements October 18  

Invitation to Open Evening at Downlands

I would like to extend a very warm invitation to attend our annual Open Evening on Thursday 4 October at 6pm.  There will be two opportunities to hear the Headteacher’s address – the first talk will begin at approximately 6.30pm or once the Hall is full; this talk will then be repeated at 7.30pm. Once… Read more »

The woods are lovely, dark and deep……

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep…….” and the new Year 7 students have spent time in them with Mr Stokes over the last two weeks.  Each year, new Year 7 students are taken down to the woods on our site in their tutor groups for a day of fun and bonding with each other. … Read more »

Bake the World a Better Place!

It is European Day of Languages on Wednesday and to celebrate, our fabulous Modern Languages Department organised a European Bake Off! Today was judging day; Mr Wignall (Headteacher) and Mrs Skelton (Head of Food Technology) were happy to put on their Paul Hollywood and Pru Leith hats and do the honours. Winners will be announced… Read more »

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