Child Absence/Sickness

Please report absence using the ‘Absence Reporting’ area of EduLink.

Report absence following the instructions below:

Please use your ‘parent login’ to report any absence.

If your child is absent from school due to illness, please notify the school as soon as possible, using the ‘Absence Reporting’ function on Edulink.  Please notify the school on each day of your child’s absence.

The date, hour and minute needs to be selected for the start and for the end of the absence period.  A full reason should be provided for the absence and details submitted to the school by clicking the ‘Send’ button.  Should evidence supporting an absence be required, this can be attached using the paperclip symbol.

In the app, a parent can switch between their children using the ‘arrows’ symbol.

PLEASE NOTE: In cases where students are absent due to sickness or diarrhoea the 48 hour rule must be adhered to.



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