Computer Science

Head of Teaching and Learning: Mr P Kluge
Ms M Colwill

The Lower School students follow a scheme of work that ties in with the National Curriculum  Orders.  In Years 7, 8 and 9 students attend discrete lessons once a fortnight.  Students will also be taught ICT in other subjects depending on the need of that subject. ICT is therefore considered a cross-curricular subject.

Students will undertake the following work in the Lower School.

Year 7

  • Using ICT; Presentation Skills
    Data Handling; Database Skills
    Using Data and Information Sources; Internet Skills
    Control:  Game Design
    Introduction to Modelling; Spreadsheet Skills

Year 8

  • Data Handling; Database Skills
    Public Information Systems; Spreadsheet and Presentation Skills
    Information Validity and Bias; Internet Skills
    Publishing on the Web; Web Design / Digital Movie Skills
    Models and Numeric Data; Spreadsheet Skills
    Control Systems; Control Technology Skills- Product Design

Year 9

  • Festival Scenario; Integrated ICT Skills to plan and promote a Festival

All pupils have access to the school’s internet and intranet, under controlled conditions, allowing them to work from a variety of locations throughout the school.

School ICT Facilities

ICT1   Used for discrete ICT lessons in the Lower School and for Upper School GCSE and Functional Skills lessons. The room is furnished with an interactive whiteboard.

ICT2   A bookable room for other departments to use.

ICT3   Used for discrete ICT lessons in the Lower School and for Upper School GCSE and Key Skills lessons.  The room is furnished with an interactive whiteboard.

There are also clusters of smaller computer suites in each department.

As well as the above ICT provision, subject areas also have their own subject specific ICT hardware and software. The departments will also have their own intranet areas providing on-line resources for the students. Three ICT technicians maintain the computer equipment to ensure that the network is kept in good working order.

As funds allow, it is the school’s policy to continually upgrade the current ICT equipment and provide new hardware and software, ensuring that the students receive a rich and technologically current ICT education.

Upper School pupils can choose to study Creative iMedia or Computer Science in Years 10 and 11. 

OCR Creative iMedia
OCR GCSE Computer Science

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