Head of Teaching & Learning: Miss E Tizard
Miss S York – 2i/c Modern Languages
Miss M Rea
Miss C Paul

Mrs A Porter – Language Assistant (German)

Miss S Galissian – Language Assistant (French)

Miss N Barnes – Languages Assistant (Spanish)



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One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.
Frank Smith

Curriculum – Vibrant and popular

Our aim is for all learners to understand the value of language learning in today‘s global society. We have created a rich curriculum, driven by inspiring teaching and cultural experiences, therefore our students are passionate about language learning and are confident and ambitious linguists.

We strive to create lifelong language learners and adaptable world citizens. Knowledge of a language is essential for academic success and enables students to pursue successful international lives.

Teaching and Learning focusses on the active use of key structures, which are mastered through repetition and retrieval.

 Language Selection

All students at Downlands have the opportunity to benefit greatly from learning a language.  We are proud to teach three European Languages; French, German and Spanish. All three are accessible to English learners, with many similarities to our own language, but each with their own level of challenge to new learners.

In order to develop a successful knowledge rich languages curriculum, students study one language throughout Key Stage Three, which is assigned on entry, in year 7. The vast majority of our students continue with this language to GCSE, giving them a much-desired academic and lifelong skill.

 Extra Curricular provision

We currently run successful language and culture clubs in both Key Stage 3 and 4. Each year we receive many applications from students in Year 10 to become Language Leaders. Language Leaders undertake work with our feeder schools to promote learning languages; indeed, we are very proud of these great links with our local primary schools. Last year the entire cohort achieved their award once again.

There are also frequent in school, national and international competitions for students to extend their linguistic and communication skills.

We are committed to giving students the opportunity to visit France, Germany, and Spain. This first-hand experience is invaluable to students, to learn key skills such as resilience and adaptability, as well as cultural and linguistic experiences. We also have strong links with our partner school in Montmirail in the Champagne region of France and look forward to extending our links with our partner schools in Wald-Michelbach.

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