Personal Development Curriculum

Head of Teaching & Learning: Mr C Smith
Work Related Learning Co-ordinator: Mrs N Cutress

The School provides an integrated PSHE, Citizenship, Careers and Work Related Learning  programme through weekly lessons to all pupils in Years 7—11. These lesson fall once every two weeks in Year 7, but become weekly from Year 8 onwards.

These lessons are designed to help young people to cope with “choices” and “changes” in their lives. Social skills, self-awareness, relationships (including sex education), decision making, the law and young people, the media and the effect it has on our opinions and self image, globalisation, the environment and ’our’ carbon footprint, awareness of drugs, alcohol and substance abuse, and exploring the world of work are some of the many topics covered.

An increased emphasis is placed on the Careers element in Years 10 and 11 preparing pupils for the transition to further and higher education, vocational training and employment.  Guidance is offered to all students and support given to assist in making choices for further education.  A comprehensive careers library is available to students, which includes several computer aided guidance programmes and access to the Internet for further education information.  Please visit the Careers page for more information about careers related activities.

In Year 11, local colleges and training providers come into school to provide information it assist in making choices for the next stage of the students education.  See the Careers page for more information.

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