Head of Teaching and Learning (Creative Arts): Ms J Moss

Ms C Hambly-Walker – Textiles / Art
Miss M Yazdi

Support Staff
Mrs A Cooper – Technology and Art Technician

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” Pablo Picasso

The Art department is committed to offering a stimulating environment. We set high but achievable standards for pupils’ work and behaviour. The aim is to develop each pupil so that they can reach their full potential. The Art curriculum provides pupils with first hand experiences of working directly from the natural and built environment, human experience and imagination. Pupils explore visual, tactile and other sensory experiences to communicate ideas and meanings.Pupils learn how to deepen subject knowledge and refine subject skills whilst using a variety of media and processes. Activities include drawing from observation, memory and imagination, which contribute to pupils’ developing visual literacy.

The study of art is an integral part of pupils learning which is used to inform and inspire practical work. There are opportunities for pupils to encounter original work through visits to art galleries or working with practising artists, craft workers or designers.Pupils reflect critically on their own and other people’s work, judging quality, value and meaning. They learn to think and act as artists, craftspeople and designers, working creatively and intelligently.

All teaching groups are mixed ability at both Key stage 3 and Key stage 4.

The Art Department regularly offers pupils opportunities to work with local artists, designers and photographers. Pupils frequently exhibit work in the local community and in National competitions. We exhibit annually in the following;

  • The Towner Gallery Schools exhibition, Eastbourne
  • The Royal British Artists National Students exhibition, Pall Mall Galleries, London
  • Hassocks Artists Open House trail
  • The Health Centre, Hassocks
  • Light up Hassocks parade

Additionally there are trips to galleries and museums. The Art Department also offer overseas visits to Paris and Barcelona.

At Key stage 4 art pupils follow the GCSE AQA Fine Art syllabus.


Curriculum Maps

Scheme of Work:
Scheme of Work Art Year 7

Scheme of Work Art Year 8

Scheme of Work Art Year 9

GCSE Fine Art, Textiles & Technology Exhibition 2019

Royal Society of British Artists: We are proud to have several students showing their work at the National Students’ Art Exhibition in London every year. Please visit the NSAE website at and go to the History section. Alternatively, you can see their work here:

Downlands at the NSAE – RBA 2014

Downlands at the NSAE – RBA 2015

Ditchling’s Monday Art Club

GCSE Fine Art & Technology Exhibition 2018

Winter Art & Textiles Exhibition 2017


 Downlands at the NSAE – RBA 2017

Fine Art, Textiles & Technology Exhibition 2017

Winter Art & Textiles Exhibition 2016

Light Up Hassocks 2016

Student Artwork Gallery


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