Head of Teaching & Learning: Ms S Chalmers – Assistant Headteacher
2 i/c Mathematics: Mr H Herbert
Mr M Whitmore – Achievement Leader Year 7                                                      

Mr D Wojciechowski – KS3 Coordinator                                                               

Dr N Korniotis
Mrs M Xenou 
Mr Z Shinebourne
Ms T Ventura
Mr M Balomenos                                                                                                           

Mr T Blasco

Support Staff
Mrs C Jordan – Maths Intervention and Teaching Assistant

The GCSE results have rapidly risen since 2011 and now over 87% of students achieve a grade 4 or higher, which well exceeds the national average.  The most able also have the opportunity to go on to complete the Level 2 Further Mathematics course which helps bridge the gap to A-Level Maths.

We achieve our great results through consistently excellent teaching, with a carefully structured curriculum that enables students to progress at the rate which will maximise their overall achievement. Our scheme of learning is tailored to ensure pupils of any ability can access the maths, whilst at the same time being challenged. Teachers differentiate carefully to ensure high levels of stretch and challenge, balanced against support as appropriate. Our focus on mastering the topics taught is important to us as it ensures that we are developing flexible mathematicians and towards this aim, we regularly revisit all Key Skills each year. This interleaving approach builds on confidence and understanding, so that by Key Stage 4 our students have the skills necessary to tackle the varied problem solving style questions examined at GCSE.

We also run a successful chess club with a Sussex Chess coach that competes against other schools in the Butler Cup each year.

Department’s Vision
Our vision is to create a learning culture where pupils develop a positive attitude towards mathematics and to see it as an interesting and valuable subject. Downlands learners will acquire an understanding of mathematics through an exciting process of enquiry, reasoning and problem solving. They will become confident mathematicians who can express ideas fluently and talk about the subject using mathematical language. Pupils will adopt a ‘can do’ attitude; they will not fear making mistakes and in turn will become brave and resilient, able to makes sense and flourish in a world where mathematical understanding is an integral part of life.

Key Stage 3
Our KS3 programme is a three year course covered in Years 7, 8 and 9. Pupils are placed in sets at the end of the first half term of Year 7, which is determined by both KS2 data and our own assessment of pupils’ understanding and attainment. This then enables them to follow a pathway best suited to ensure maximum progress. The setting system is flexible so that if pupils are to excel or are finding the pace too fast in certain sets, they will have the opportunity to work in other classes.

During the course pupils consolidate and build on their primary school knowledge of maths, thereby developing mathematical knowledge and skills, alongside the ability to problem solve and analyse data. Students’ classwork is be supported by a weekly online homework, regular internal assessments and individual feedback. 

Key Stage 4
During Years 10 and 11, pupils continue to follow a personalised mathematics pathway suited to their ability. They begin to focus more specifically on exam technique and solving complex problems, helping to ensure pupils are suitably prepared and confident when sitting their GCSE.  Past papers are regularly completed with pupils having access to recordings of modelled answers. A bespoke feedback process follows each paper resulting in a deeper understanding and maximum progress of our pupils.  Our well attended weekly after school Maths Club also contributes towards our excellent results.

As a department we are proud to offer the following courses and qualifications:

Edexcel Linear GCSE (Higher and Foundation)

The Mathematics Department
The Mathematics department consists of eight specialist teachers and one specialist teaching assistant. Leadership within the subject is provided by a Head of Department, Ms Chalmers. The department benefits from the use of laptops, text books and interactive teaching resources during lessons and the installation of Interactive Whiteboards in a dedicated Mathematics wing to the school classrooms.

Awarding Bodies: Edexcel
Edexcel GCSE Mathematics

Curriculum Maps

Scheme of Work:

Mathematics Year 7 8 and 9 Scheme of Work


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