Head of Teaching & Learning: Mrs C Davies

2 i/c: Mr M Urwin
Mr P Cole – BTEC Quality Nominee, Sustainable School Co-ordinator
Mr P Griffin
Mr M Hunnable – Achievement Leader Year 8
Mr M Lowe – KS3 Science Coordinator
Mr M Wignall
Mr M Talbot
Ms G Chiocca
Mr C Moller

Support Staff
Miss M Horney – Senior Science Technician
Mrs K van den Dolder – Learning Intervention Assistant
Mrs H Colvert – Learning Mentor Science/STEM Coordinator
Mrs C Rose – Science Technician
Mrs J Shorrocks – Science Technician

We aim to make science stimulating, fun and accessible.  Students have access to unique opportunities which allows them a ‘hands on approach’ through our Science Club, Stem Club and numerous ‘Stretch and Challenge’ activities such as visits to universities, external speakers, practical sessions etc.

All year groups follow a modular format.  Internal assessments and feedback are given regularly.  A high practical and problem solving approach ensures that pupils discover ideas for themselves.  Pupils have the opportunity to access moodle (Virtual Learning Environment), Kerboodle (on-line text book) and doddle (an on-line revision tool).  Students can study combined science leading to 2 GCSEs or take the separate science route resulting in 3 GCSEs – one in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Examining Board: AQA

  • Trilogy Combined Science – 2 GCSEs
  • Separate Sciences – 3 GCSEs – Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

AQA GCSE Science

Curriculum Maps

Scheme of Work:

Science Year 7 Scheme of Work

Science Year 8 Scheme of Work

Science Year 9 Scheme of Work

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