Geography scheme of work 2020 Y7-9Head of Teaching & Learning: Mrs A Corcoran 

Ms N Childs
Mr M Smith – International Schools Coordinator
Mrs H Middleditch

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Geography is a popular and successful part of the curriculum at Downlands Community School. We aim to encourage our students to take an intelligent, critical and principled view of the world around them, and to equip them with the skills to do so. In years 7 and 8 we teach the basic skills of the subject, including analysing maps, data and images from a geographical perspective, and go on to work, for example, on the geography of settlement  and the study of earthquakes and volcanoes. We also work on the weather and climate and we include a study of the geography of music, looking at these topics both nationally and internationally. In all our work we integrate both the physical and human aspects of the subject. These areas are developed in Year 9 when we look at other areas including environmental issues, the geography of population and development studies. We also study extreme environments such as deserts. Fuller details are available on the Curriculum Map.

In Key Stage Four we follow the Eduqas GCSE specification B, where the focus is on three ‘themes’:

  • Challenges of living in a built environment
  • Physical processes and relationships between people and environments
  • Uneven development and sustainable environments

We also carry out a fieldwork enquiry, looking in detail at an issue in local geography. Our results are consistently very good with over 80% of pupils achieving a 9-4 grade at GCSE each year. The details are available elsewhere on this website. A significant number of our students go on to study the subject at A Level at local colleges Mrs Corcoran is Head of Department, assisted by Ms Childs and Mr Smith. All three are Geography graduates.

Awarding Body: Eduqas 

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